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BUNDLE Solutions strada del Drosso 165 Torino

Bundle Solutions is a young reality born with the aim of creating a dynamic, flexible company, able to offer tailored, technologically innovative solutions.

Almost twenty years of experience of activities carried out for leading companies in the various market sectors lead us to know exactly what companies expect from their partners:
punctuality, innovation, quality, flexibility and a reliable and competent interface


We have gained extensive experience in the design of test solutions to support customers in the verification and validation of complex electrical and electronic systems.
Our strength is transversality between contexts, (R&D and production), among the technologies used (National Instruments architectures, Hardware in the loop, embedded, PLC), in the choice of hardware (off-the-shelf, custom)
and between different market sectors (automotive, aerospace, defense and rail)
Flexibility in choosing the right tools is the key to optimizing costs and times.

Skills and Expertise
Test systems: design, architecture, engineering, revamping, maintenance
Software development
Hardware (PCBs, FPGAs, embedded processors, HMI, fixtures, wiring)
Test automation

Testing systems
Data acquisition and measurement
Embedded applications
Monitoring, data logging and remote control
Machine vision solutions
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Strada del Drosso 165, Torino (Italy)
+39 351 570 2557

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